Use of genomic information in healthcare and diagnostics is more common every day, and in the very near future it will be fully utilized. BC Platforms offers to genetic counsellors and consultants applications for managing and visualizing genomic and family data, and for decision support with predictive models. Our integrating modules can pull relevant information from various resources like EHRs, LIMS systems, and other data sources, to help build a holistic view of the involved risk factors and their possible meaning.

Biobanks and repositories for biospecimens are vital for today’s clinical and bioindustry research. Full utilization of biobanks depends on their level of data standardization and availability of information about the housed biorepositories. BC Platforms offers many versatile modules for clinical data standardization and sample tracking, which can be used in combination to create a powerful data warehouse inside your biobank.


BC|CLIN is a flexible and scalable platform for managing patient data collections of all kinds. BC|CLIN offers easy implementation of web-based patient questionnaires for longitudinal studies, and comprehensive and easy tools for queries, reports, and stratification. Statistical programs can be used on data exports to create reports and to guide patient profiling. The platform facilitates harmonized data input from different sources, reducing risk of human error, and increasing the quality of the data collection. BC|CLIN conforms to strictest data security standards and controls user permissions at group, role and dataset levels.

BC|CLIN coexist seamlessly with BC|GENOME, presenting collected clinical data directly for analysis by the powerful tool pack in BC|GENOME, and embedding genomic analysis results within the patient data. BC|CLIN facilitates cross-queries to BC|SAMPLE for sample processing information, and stratification of patient collections based on sample information in BC|SAMPLE.

Clinical collections and epidemiology studies

  • Complex queries into patient data and history
  • Data curating and cleaning platform
  • Longitudinal clinical data accumulation
  • Stratification of patients can utilize sample QA data
  • Global collaboration with assured data security
  • Complex patient questionnaires made simple – printed or as web forms

Disease-specific interest groups

  • Serves restricted data to be presented in a public portal
  • Provides restricted search access to the data for experiment design
  • Assists in disseminating your project

Genetic counseling and rare diseases

  • Pedigree or family tree visualization with clinical annotations
  • Web or printed questionnaires for patient data collections
  • Risk scoring for selected conditions from combinations of genetic and phenotypic traits


BC|SAMPLE is a multipurpose sample tracking and process management tool. BC|SAMPLE supports plate and sample –oriented workflows, location tracking, plate creation and processing, and instrument interfaces. Sample accumulation and processing reports are easily created, and protocols can be exported for liquid handling, or other, instruments. BC|SAMPLE stores repeated sample processing results for easy viewing of sample status and history.

BC|SAMPLE communicates with BC|CLIN allowing sample data to be cross-referenced with subject information without exposing subject identifiers. BC|SAMPLE conforms to the same data security features and standards as BC|CLIN, providing group, role and dataset-level permission control, and full trail of sample ownership and history.

Clinical collections and laboratories

  • Provides structured sample registration schemes with automated IDs
  • Synchronizes data input and editing with BC|CLIN
  • Follows repeated sample processing and provides results for reporting
  • Pipetting schemes and dilution calculations
  • Comes with a light-weight label editor supporting commonly used barcode formats

High throughput core laboratories

  • Instrument interfaces to import and export data for PCR machines, liquid handlers, readers, etc
  • Automatic ID creation for each work step
  • Workflow control and creation of worksheets
  • Reporting on sample processing and selected parameters

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