BC Platforms has been on the leading edge of academic research since 1997. Our long experience gives us a unique understanding of the needs and bottlenecks in the everyday research environment. Academia is meant to push forward their methods and goals, and a restrictive infrastructure can hamper these ambitions. Our packages for academic research projects have inbuilt flexible modularity, and customisability without compromising data integrity and security.


BC|GENOME provides a professional and efficient study management and analysis platform for all things genomic. An innovative problem splitting principle forms the backbone of the platform, and facilitates impressively efficient and fast workflows for complex genomic analyses and queries. BC|GENOME scales from the small association studies up to the largest existing genomic projects in terms of both data volume and lateral complexity. BC|GENOME supports over 30 peer reviewed academic analysis packages, imputing, in-house scripts like R and SAS, plus exposes an API for more advanced customizations for your bioinformaticians. BC|GENOME consists of multiple modules to manage an increasing number of data types – including NGS and ‘omics’ data.

BC|GENOME can harness the power of available computational resources, including local clusters, private or public cloud, and stand-alone calculation boxes. The modular nature of BC|GENOME makes it a powerful data integration hub for third party databases, instruments, international collaboration resources, and electronic health records.

GWAS, NGS, and other bioinformatics projects

  • Small and massive scale correlations and other statistics
  • Alignment workflows, variant calling, functional annotations
  • Integration to clinical data
  • Plug in in-house algorithms and tools
  • Integrate to existing calculation resources for faster, parallel analyses

Epidemiology studies and clinical collections

  • Complex queries into patient data and history
  • Genetic and sample –based stratification of patients
  • Global collaboration with assured data security
  • Complex patient questionnaires made simple, for printing or as web forms

Campus environments

  • Provides a powerful data management and analysis platform to all your research groups
  • Group leaders can subscribe to relevant modules
  • Fully utilize the local IT capacity


BC|CLIN is a flexible and scalable platform for managing patient data collections of all kinds. BC|CLIN offers easy implementation of web-based patient questionnaires for longitudinal studies, and comprehensive and easy tools for queries, reports, and stratification. Statistical programs can be used on data exports to create reports and to guide patient profiling. The platform facilitates harmonized data input from different sources, reducing risk of human error, and increasing the quality of the data collection. BC|CLIN conforms to strictest data security standards and controls user permissions at group, role and dataset levels.

BC|CLIN coexist seamlessly with BC|GENOME, presenting collected clinical data directly for analysis by the powerful tool pack in BC|GENOME, and embedding genomic analysis results within the patient data. BC|CLIN facilitates cross-queries to BC|SAMPLE for sample processing information, and stratification of patient collections based on sample information in BC|SAMPLE.

Epidemiology studies and clinical collections

  • Complex queries into patient data and history
  • Longitudinal clinical data accumulation
  • Genetic and sample –based stratification of patients
  • Global collaboration with assured data security
  • Complex patient questionnaires made simple – printed or as web forms


The powerful backbone of the BC|GENOME comes as its own package for those who require maximum flexibility, customizability and the worlds best performing genomic analysis platform, without the graphical help. This set of modules is ideal for high performance and quick delivery environments, where re-inventing the wheel makes no sense. Users are provided a full set of tools for the database, genomic data structures, and analysis job control, making it possible to integrate the massive genomic analyses with your in-house workflows and data manipulation steps.

Bioinformatics core facilities

  • Provides the same data security and administration features as BC|GENOME
  • Easy streamlining of flow of data and results within projects
  • Script support for R, SAS, and Perl
  • Export formats for SPSS, Excel, and analysis software like PLINK

Highly specialized bioinformatics projects

  • Flexible and customizable for in-house workflows
  • Plug ins for external data sources i.e. SQL databases, URLs, and flat files

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